Voices of Alliance is a non-profit organization that considers the most vulnerable communities as a source of culture and development.

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Voices of Alliance is a non-profit organization that recognizes the most vulnerable communities as a source of culture and development. Understanding culture as the ability of human beings to transform their environment through knowledge. 

Taking as a reference the immigrant family in the United States, which in a high percentage has arrived to the country in vulnerable conditions such as: without knowledge of the English language, without legal documents to work,  without the priviledge of a driver’s license, with families fragmented between their country of origin and the United States and sometimes perceiving hostile environments supported by inhuman expressions of distrust, rigid looks that we could call “The Loud Noises Of Silence” and as if this was not enough we can add political and labor exploitation. But we must also highlight the welcome, support and empathy of the majority of Americans, who understand diversity is not a problem but a complement and the wisdom of the gospel teaches that on “God’s Paths you do not walk alone”.             

In this scenario, the hispanic family presents itself with a resilient attitude and positions itself as an institution of faith that defends values and principles, with experts in an empirical and technical way in multiple trades and professions, but its greatest social contribution is a generational one with a determined and thriving  dynamic childhood, youth  who in a good percentage climb towards university education while others show interest in creating their own company and all with the added value of being bilingual. Therefore, each one of us regardless of ethnicity, age, class or creed can become culturally active agents in the project of personal, family or community life and in this context Voices of Alliance focus its action on financial education.


Be a support in the improvement of personal finances that contribute to great socioeconomic changes within the family nucleus.


Train family members at medium and long term in money management through financial education focussed on three pillars:


Get ready Financially.


- Focus your dreams.
- Take advantage of your potentials.
- Overcome your fears.
- Make up your mind.


Each one of us can grow without affecting the integrity and dignity of the other.

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