Team work builds families, institutions and solid communities.


Voices of Alliance is a non-profit organization that identifies the most vulnerable communities as a source of culture and development. Understanding the culture as a human capacity to transform its own surroundings through knowledge.

Contribution and Legacy

The Hispanic Family

In this case, the immigrant hispanic family is presented with resilience and as an institution defending values and principles, with experienced and technical experts in multiple positions and professions. However, the most social contribution is generational; with a dinamic childhood, empowered and intelligent; with the added value of being bilingual.


Future Super Stars!

You, young adults! You are the past! You are the present! You are the future!

Have you ever asked yourself, what society wants from you?
What is your role?

We are confident you have asked yourself this before and many times, without coming up with any answers.

Please do not worry, you are not alone.

You have this scenario in front of you:
There are families, there are institutions, there is a government, a democracy; however not perfect, be sure it is the product of whom once young and inquisitive like you, became the cultural agents in the development of their own communities.

Value the effort from past generations and do not destroy the legacy impulsively.

Prepare yourself responsibly to take advantage of future opportunities.




We can all be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

Voices of Alliance is creating a network between people and institutions that will help in the social-economic development of the family and its communities.

Working together we will be a part of the SOLUTION.

What we do

We act as a connector, colaborator, catalyst and defending agent of change, we help communities forge new avenues towards an integral development.

Contact with different institutions

Workshops and conferences about financial education

Personal and partnered entrepreneurship

Advice in small business management


Launch of your idea

Entrepreneurship workshops


Obtain what you need

Workshops and courses


Future Superstars!

Latin youth support


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